Main Street Modifications

The lack (and restricted width) of a pedestrian footway on Chirnside Main Street, near the Co-op.

The Community Council has been asked to try and address the above issue.  

East of the Co-op (on the south side of the road), the building close to the road means there is no space for a footway.  In addition, there is a very narrow section of footway beyond that.  This restricts pedestrian access for all but especially for wheelchairs, mobility ‘scooters’ and families with pushchairs/young children, forcing pedestrians to walk into the carriageway, usually around parked cars, or to cross the road to the north side. 

Safe access to local facilities is a right for all. 

The issue is complicated by many factors:

  • Private on-road parking.
  • Parking for the Co-op.
  • Access to the Co-op delivery area.
  • Access to the private furniture saleroom frontage, (which is commonly used as informal parking for the Coop).
  • Access to private driveways.
  • The bus stop.

We have consulted Scottish Borders Council about the issue, asking if it was possible to make provision for a correct width footway along the narrow/non-existent section and they have come up with a proposal, shown in the plan. 

This would consist of the following: 

  • Constructing a footway of the required width in the restricted area.
  • This would mean restricting the carriageway width, resulting in the need for:
    • Single width traffic flow for a short section, with a ‘give way to oncoming traffic’ for west flowing traffic and appropriate road marking/signage.  
    • ‘No Parking’ restrictions in the single flow and each side of it.

This is a draft plan from SBC for discussion (PDF) and the Community Council would welcome your views, especially from those directly affected by this problem, please include other related access issues in your response. 

Please get in touch with the Community Council with your views via the contact link on our website:

Chirnside Community Council.

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